Sunday, September 26, 2010

Transfer it!

How many calendars do you live by? Not how many calendars do you own. But how many different yearly segments do you recognize?

There's our regular, standard, January 1 to December 31 calendar.

There's the Chinese calendar, the lunar calendar, the solar calendar, ancient Egyptian calendar, the Roman calendar, the Mayan calendar, the Federal budget calendar, the State budget calendar, the public school calendar, the college calendar...and on and on. You get the idea?

What do we do when the date rolls back around to the 1st of a new month? We pay bills, pay balance, transfer money, transfer birthdays, transfer holidays... Everything shifts over to the new set of days.

(Where the heck is she going with this mumbo-jumbo?)

It means...I want you to transfer an image from a magazine (glossy, quality mags work best) into your art journal. Here's a great tutorial from Darlene Olivia McElroy (The famous Collage Goddess!):

I want you to use one of many tutorials and methods out on the interwebs (ANY - just describe or share a link) to achieve an image transfer. It doesn't have to be the gel medium method shown here, but please don't cheat and just print on, or glue down an image. You want to grow as an artist, right? Then journal about the schedule, calendar type or other circadian rhythm that marks your days on earth. Is it a struggle? Is it comfortable? Does it excite you and get you out of bed each day?

Do you have enough spoons to match your calendar? LOL Who ever does! What - not read the spoon theory?? Here - check it out at But You Don't Look Sick...and a big thankful shout out to Christina Miserandino for writing this awesome message that so many of us have rallied around. We've started a Spoon-olution on Twitter, and would love to have you join us if it strikes a chord with you! Just tweet with the hashtag, #spoonie .

So go spend some time watching yourself and your calendar. Figure out where you are and compare it to where you want to be. Even be so bold as to chart a plan for the future! We're playing, this week, for a new Fiskar's bypass cutter, and some custom cut paper rosettes (Tim Holtz new die!). Oh...and a CUSTOM made skinny composition journal!! How fabby is that?

I'm excited to announce Rita Cobbs was our winner from last week's Inchies challenge! Woot! Rita, get me your address so I can send out your Copic markers!!

Big warm fuzzy bunny hugs to everyone out there in Cyber land! Have fun!



  1. Congrats Rita!

    Great Challenge this week. I've done some transfers in the past already. So fun! The tuff part is jorunal part of it. LOL

  2. yay Rita!
    note to ky: if she forgets and you can't find her I can give it to you! :)

  3. Congratulations to Rita. I love the challenge this week. I am getting in on this one. Where's my glimmer mist?! ;-)

  4. Yeah, Rita!

    must pull out some mags :-)

  5. Congrats to Rita! I'm squealing with glee over this challenge since I bought gel medium about two weeks ago and haven't had much chance to use it!

  6. Wasn't sure I was gonna be able to make this Challenge this week. My daughter's wedding is this weekend. Friday is the rehersal & Saturday the wedding so if ya don't see me ya know why. lol Thanks again for a another challenge it was fun.
    Hugs, Poe

  7. I posted my submission but it's not quite a finished piece, I'm trying to think of how I want to add the text to it and it looks so pretty right now... hope that doesn't disqualify me.