Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Zen Frame of Mind

Since I'm living in a tiny bedroom, I've got a bit more time but fewer supplies. I'm really getting pleasantly reacquainted with my zen doodling. Here are a few items I've created since being fired as a wife.

Puffin Maze
©Kyra Sanders

I started this 8x5.5 inch journal page while at Copic Certification in Milwaukee. I just randomly scribbled Copic markers all over the page, then started following the doodle muse as it guided my Copic Multiliner. There are some credits for patterns and some patterns I've just created. You can see the details of the Puffin Maze here.

Modern Cube Zen doodle
©Kyra Sanders
I learned Linda at the Tangle Patterns blog has begun issuing starting string challenges. I think it's really cool how everyone starts from the same design, but no two even come close to being the same. You can play along too! There are 9 patterns in this one, and you can see the credits at this link.

If you're looking for a neat way to keep track of things in your life, check out what my friend Samie Kira Harding is doing. She's created a mini-tutorial with downloadable art journal starter pages and she's putting it out there for... get this... Whatever You Can Pay! It's a great chance to document your health concerns, your diet plan, or even a project you're working on. Check it out at the Journal Girl!

Thanks so much for stopping by - I am thrilled you came to visit!

Ta for now,
♥ ~ky