Sunday, September 5, 2010

Share the Love; Grow the Learning

Wow. The last set of entries blew me away (sorry, you knew I had to say it!). Fab-U-lous. As I read about your projects, I felt your concerns, memories, laughter, sorrow, past and future. You lifted me out of my world and brought me to the window of yours. I love that. Absolutely LOVE that. We connected. I helped you learn, you helped me see.

I want that to continue. I want connectivity that's more than an electron wide and a megapixel long. So, this is my challenge for you. Go forth, discover, create, return and share. That's it. That simple!

GO FORTH: Find a blog, a Ustream or YouTube broadcast, a social website (Nings, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, just to name a few).

Blade - the Artistic Biker's Flickr Photo

DISCOVER: Find something there that makes your creative Muse sit up and take notice!

Bud and Miller, the Famous Beer Twins

CREATE: An art journal page about what your Muse saw, thought, felt!

RETURN: to this blog, and,

SHARE: Show us your journal page. Tell us where you found your inspiration so others might learn from you and your source!

A few shout outs for this week and are great social artist sites full of inspiration, techniques and ideas. Artjournaling also has a tab (at the upper right) called Ustream that lists what artists have shows, and when. Most of the past shows have been recorded so you can watch them at your leisure. Artjournaling also has an electronic magazine for a mere $5 with articles by several art journaling artists!

The Artistic Biker is working on opening Oasis Studio in Chickasha, OK as a learning center. He's aiming for October 1, and would love financial contributions and artwork to share in his gallery for the grand opening. Consider how you might participate if you would like. The Biker will open his studio to artists of all abilities and interests to come and teach or learn - more information as it becomes available.

YouTube has free subscriptions to many wonderful and diverse artists. Simply go to and type art journaling or other similar terms into the search box to get you started. Or, find some people like Diana Trout, ikerrilove, samanthakira, journalgirl, or journalartista and see who they subscribe to as a starting point. You can do the same thing at

Keep in mind that most sites you visit also provide links to blogs and other opportunities to find more resources. Enjoy your surfing!

What's that you're saying? I'm not done yet?? I need to...what?? I can't hear you...what?? OOOOH THAT! How silly of me... The winner of last week's challenge by random drawing is: Jamie Lynn! Woohoo!! Send me an email to scrapacat at yahoo dot com with your mailing info so I can get your prize in the mail!

Creatively yours, ~ky


  1. woohoo Jamie Lynn, congrads!!

    I love this challenge! I'm watching youtube vids right now from an artist who is using a technique I haven't tried yet, perfect for this challenge. I can't tell ya about it till I post my page though ;) wouldn't want to ruin the surprise

  2. Congrats to Jamie Lynn! HMMM this weeks challenge is a toughie. You can spend HOURS watching videos on youtube. LOL

  3. Thanks so much :-), email coming. I'm looking forward to this week...
    I just have to wake my muse up,"errhg" poor thing sometimes oversleeps and whatnots.

  4. OMG I just found this site and it has certainly woken up my muse! Hope it's ok for me to join in with this?!

  5. Way to go, Jamie Lynn!
    Loving this challenge, by the way. Sooo much inspiration to be found on you-tube. Although one can watch too much you-tube, and not enough actual 'doing'.. :D

  6. Congrats Jamie Lynn, enjoy your goodies! Hope to get time to play along this week!

  7. Can I join too? I just made a journal tonight by binding different types of scrap paper I have around the house: drawing, watercolour, newsprint. Should I start from the beg and catch up or should I just pick it up here? I've never had an art journal before. This might be fun!

  8. I did it! She's all done. I'm thrilled to have completed this challenge I really needed it. Thanks Ky!
    Hugs, Poe

  9. It's done. I started this on Wednesday evening after I saw you on chat and remembered... duh!
    On Thursday or Friday decided not to and then last nite it was back on and I enjoyed myself. Thank You Ky.