Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's not complicated, it's Tangled!

I have been restored to one of my favorite pastimes - zen doodling. You might call it zentangling but that is a copyrighted word, so I choose zen doodling. Here are some of my latest works.

Down the Drain - Copic multiliners,
and Derwent Watercolor pencils

Peep Eye - Copic multiliner on kraft cardstock

Spain Rain - Copic multiliner on kraft cardstock

Bunny Treats - Copic multiliner and
Derwent watercolor pencils

I will be turning a few of these designs into tangle patterns very soon. I hope you enjoyed visiting today - try your hand at it!

♥ ~ky

Friday, December 23, 2011

A little canvas

Hello again - it is so nice to be able to bring you some new bits and pieces more often. I hope my muse stays content with this for awhile longer. I have two things to share with you today - starting with a neutral base and creating a miniature collage suitable for accenting a journal page.

I began with a manila tag, the kind Tim Holtz uses for his 12 tags of Christmas each year.

My first step was to cover the tag with torn pages from an old novel. I used to have such a hard time ripping text from a perfectly good book, but then I realized I have 2 copies of a novel. I was not selective of what phrases or words showed on the surface, and I made sure to use multiple layers in some areas.

Next, I gave the trimmed, text-covered tag a watery wash of ivory and white paints. I am using a very inexpensive acrylic paint from Apple Barrel by Plaid. The goal is to tone down the text, provide some unification across the tag, and provide a base for inks.

I used my blending tool and almost all the seasonal colors of distress inks to 'paint' the tag over the acrylic. Be sure the paint is thoroughly dry before adding the distress ink.

I love the randomness and how the layers of text create wonderful texture. I sprinkled blots of water over the tag to give the ink more variety. Now, with the addition of the ink, we have moved from neutral background to the beginning of a miniature canvas.

I have a stash of catalogs, flyers, packaging and left over bits and pieces of other projects.

I arranged them on the tag, sewed part of it to the tag, the added some ribbon, a bit of fluid acrylic circles, and a few staples. I like how it came out. I hope it inspires you to get creative! See you again soon.

♥ ~ky

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A New Deal

Hey friends!

I was in the studio playing today, and it occurred to me that I really enjoy new techniques. I've also noticed journal work is slightly more appealing than cards at the moment. I think it was the big push to get Christmas cards and the like done. I'll be making cards again before long. Still - I want to capitalize on this journal fascination while I can.

I found an intriguing piece of art that I fell instantly, deeply in love with. I am a very geometric girl - absolutely love trigonometry and graphic design. Take a peek - now remember I DO NOT OWN AND DID NOT CREATE THIS PIECE. If you click on it, it should take you to the owner's blog, Journal Fodder Junkies.

Property of Eric at Journal Fodder Junkies blog
(used with permission)
The artist, Eric, used Derwent inktense and Prismacolor pencils to create this stunning piece. I pulled out my Canson Mixed Media journal and created the following using a slightly broader range of colors.

It is very much still a work in progress. I know I have a lot more to do and lots more practice to get anywhere close to Eric's ability, but it is quite satisfying to attempt. I used Derwent's graphitint, watercolor and inktense pencils and my water brush.

So, my new deal is this - I will do my best to post a new technique or something to get your muse working every week of the new year. If you have ideas or questions you'd like to see addressed, post them in the comments. I would be delighted to have you join me in this creative journey this year. If you try any of the things I suggest, please leave me a link to your work so I can enjoy your process too.

Now - go on and have yourself a Merry Holiday and a prosperous and healthy New Year!

♥ ~ky

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Little Art

I have been working in the art journal a little more lately. I spent all of November writing my novel, and most of December recovering. I wore myself completely out attending write ins and traveling to relatives' houses. Since I am spending a little more time in the recliner than in the studio, I thought I would share what art I've made.

I sketched Lady Green Eyes in pencil, then colored over that with a wash of neocolor II's water soluble wax pastels. I love her - I hope you do too!

This page is a collection of the flotsam of November - bits and pieces from my travels and accomplishments during National Novel Writing Month. I applied watermark ink through a stencil, and rubbed pan pastels over it (right page). The left page is acrylic paint over grey gesso, then layered with a receipt from Chipotle. We did our write ins largely at Caribou coffee shops, and shared a lunch at Chipotle's after we were done. I made a couple of tags with distress inks which will hold my journaling about the experience.

This spread is about a song that means so much to me. I sprayed diluted distress ink in a variety of colors all over these two pages, then covered that in salt and let it dry. I used some fluid acrylics in gold around the edges, and to trace some random shapes.

Close up of the salted background and a little of the lyrics. I used Sumi-e ink with my nib pen. I haven't written with my nib pen in so long. I really enjoyed it and need to remember to do more of that.

So - that's what I've been up to lately. Thanks for taking a moment to visit!

♥ ~ky