Friday, January 6, 2012

A New Year, A New Calendar

I wanted something different. I needed a new calendar, but I want to use my calendar to keep me busy when I am working my calendar. I want to sketch and doodle and fidget and stash stuff when I'm waiting for the doctor, or getting the oil changed. There are these 'new' things called SMASH books, and they look cute, but they just don't fit my style. They are too cutesy, too kitschy, too... um... neat.

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I don't want a lot of money tied up in the calendar, so I grabbed stuff I always have on hand. I pulled out a pad of Bristol paper, 9x12 inches, and cut 6 sheets in half. I marked my grids for the calendar, and drew them in with Copic multiliner in black, added the numbers and days across the top. I still have my pencil grid tics on the pages because I still have things to add.

I inserted some old (winter 2009 CHA) Teresa Collins papers, envelopes and folded cardstock between the months to hold ephemera, receipts, appointment cards and the like. I love being able to put a little piece of art to work on in my book, like this one from Terra Bidlespacher's Haven image, seen here.

I am working on doing an illuminated Celtic letter for each month name. As you can see, some of the inserts are folders, perfect for coloring while waiting, or doodling new things to color.

I always need little tabs to keep me focused and in touch with what I need to do. So there are little places for my post it notes and tabs - what fun! I love making my own calendar each year. It's never the same, and always a creative challenge for me.

I hope you enjoyed seeing this small work in progress. Let me know if you make your own calendars, or how you choose to stay organized!

Ta for now,
♥ ~ky

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  1. That is way cool..Do you have a step by step video?