Friday, January 27, 2012

Classic Doodling

So I gave myself a little present for making it through the horrible stress of the holidays. I signed up for this class by Stephanie Ackerman. It's called Scrapbook Life, and it will be a year-long journey for me. We have weekly assignments, and a terrific Facebook group to share and encourage one another. In addition, I get to really focus on scripture, which is one of my goals for this year. 

This is the header I made for my January page. I used some Tim Holtz letter masks, acrylic paints, pens and Sizzix dies (by Tim Holtz). I am not giving away the class info - but I will tell you it's fantastic. Check it out - oh, and you get an ENTIRE YEAR of instruction for just $40.24!

I created this page from collaged bits left over from other projects. I also used some packaging, old newspaper and book text. The White Rabbit looking at his iconic pocket watch, the ship, the plane, even the neighborhood celebrate the truth of the saying. It was a bit of a mantra for me in the last few months. I did so many new things during that time. I will be adding some secret journaling to explain it all.

I created this page for the Sketchbook Challenge. January's prompt was doodling. I love to doodle! It frees my mind up and really helps me zone out and relax. There are so many Zen doodling groups on Flickr - check them out! There's a great group that shares freehand doodle patterns on Flickr too. I get so many wonderful ideas from that group.

That's what I've been up to lately. I hope your new year is rolling along nicely. If you decide you'd like to join Stephanie's Scrapbook Life class, it's open until January 31. Come play along!


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  1. Awesome Ky, Love the Sketchbook Challenge!!! I love doodling too :D