Thursday, April 14, 2011


This page was created while pondering what courage means to me. Suffering 10 autoimmune diseases, and recently getting a new diagnosis, courage means daring to get up every day when your own body seems intent on a different course of action.

{gesso, Neocolor IIs, watercolor}

I hope this inspires you to contemplate your own internal strength, however small the aggressor might be. You embody courage. Find it, capture it in your journal. You will need the reminder one day.

Creatively yours,

P.S. Tessa will post some more work soon - just need to get some camera time.


  1. I'm enjoying your "fake journal" pages a lot so far. I suffer from a serious medical problem, too, so it's especially poignant for me. I'm a fellow fake journaler and chose to go the other way. I chose a completely healthy woman who's full of energy. It's fun to be her for awhile, as I'm sure you understand. LOL

  2. Stay strong! There's always good... <3