Monday, October 25, 2010


I remember as a child being confused about one object having 2 or more distinct names. Like doodlebugs and ant-lions, or Siamese fighting fish and beta etc. Now we have a new 2-name thing in the art world (yes, I know there are tons of doubles out there, but just roll with me!).


This week's challenge is two-fold to celebrate the multiplicity of word meanings. First, create an art journal page based on a dream you've had. In this example, the Moon is watching over my sleeping fairie. When I was little, and life wasn't what a child's life should be, I always knew the moon would be there. How did I know? I had a moon shadow of course! I still dream of cool nights and a comforting moon.

Secondly, use Zendoodles in your piece. Here, the moon is made from zendoodle components. Don't know how to zendoodle? Need some fresh patterns to excite you? Check out this site - Flickr Freehand Doodle patterns. There are lots of other sites, too. Like , Zentangles on flickr, even Italian artists have a site!

Did I mention the prize? Yes Prize!! Up for grabs this week is a Univenture 1/2 inch binder! Trust me. You really should play along!

Last week's winner was Kimber! Kimber's page must have impressed as much as it impressed me! I love her funky skeletons! Send me your address, Kimber!

Note to past winners - I apologize for the delay in getting prizes out. We did a major reorganization of the studio, so I finally have access to my prize goodies. They will all go out this week: Sheri, Darcy, Julie and Ketsia! Thank you for your patience. I will add a little extra something in the packages!

Now - get off the computer and go create!!


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  1. Well there she is and I'm early for once. lol
    I really like how she came out.
    Hugs, Poe