Sunday, October 31, 2010

All Hallow's Eve

Or Samhain in my native land. It's a celebration of the change of things. The end of the living year, and the start of the resting year. This old tradition has spawned many events held sacred by many cultures. To me, it's a time to reflect on the year past, and to have a brief glimpse toward the future.

This period causes a time of introspection for me. I find that I slow down now and look at the everyday bits of life. I see ephemera, the flotsam of daily living, in a new light. I realize that we sell the seconds, minutes and hours of our lives to the temporary, greedy, needy monster of progress. I stop to think what value I am getting in exchange for the breaths I take, the people I lift up, those that pull me down. It's stunning.

It's not negative, in essence - it's just the give and take of nature. I want to look for the enlightenment in little things through the day. I sift through the receipts, consider the packaging of services rendered, cheer in the small victories with friends.

How do I make those important details stick? I use a very particular net. A sieve actually - observe, collect, record. That is what I want you to focus on this week. As you plow through your day, what detritus is created? What is worth spending your time on and what should you let pass you by? This is your challenge this week. Document the detritus that lies in your wake at the end of the day.

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Just how do you spend your 86,400 seconds of each day? What progress can you report that is lasting in exchange of a day in your life? Pin it down. Write about it. Commit to what you learn and like or want to change. Come, walk with me. We will grow in the season of hibernation.

Create an art journal page about this challenge. Come back here and link it up. You have all week to consider a day in your life. What will you exchange it for?


Last week's winner is Leah! Congratulations Leah - I will get your prize in the mail to you soon. Keep playing!!

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