Saturday, February 15, 2014

Albert via Sunny Carvalho

Hello peoples! I've been very busy lately, but managed some time to make things while sitting with my Dad as he recovers from lung surgery.

Please Do Not Feed the Fears!

I made this spread in my Strathmore mixed media journal (5.5 x 8.5 inches) using a whole smorgasbord of supplies. I started with some Distress stains, then put some acrylic paint over it. I glued down lots of text pages, journaled over that with Copic markers, added more paint, more bits and pieces of torn paper, scraps from butcher paper that I sprayed with Dylusions inks during another project, and then added some pen details and letters. I used charcoal pencils for shading, and a white Souffle pen by Gelly Roll.

This whole business of nursing my Dad through this medical nightmare has stirred up a lot of fears in me, resulting in panic attacks, stress reactions, and exhaustion. He's on the mend and home now, but this page reflects a very dark place I was in. God saw me through. God held my hand. I know it's but the grace of God that we made it this far.

I have an artist-crush on Sunny Carvalho. Her whimsical style and cast of characters is so fantastic and amusing. She makes them in a variety of media which amazes me. So that little guy down in the bottom left corner? Yeah, that's Albert standing in for me on a very bad no good day. Hope you like it, Sunny!

This is for the 6th challenge week of The Documented Life Project to honor the work done by an artist we love.

I hope you have a blessed day - and feel free to leave a comment if you have questions or like what you see. Videos will happen when Dad's a bit stronger.

Ta for now,


  1. You made me tear up, just so you know! I hope things get better both for you and your dad and thank you for letting Albert help just a bit. xoxo

  2. Amazing colors! love the light background with the pages and the strong colors of the characters, beautiful!

  3. Powerful. I love that saying - do not feed the fears - wow. Fear is what holds us back in everything! Steals our joy and many other things. I Love this journal and your blog is super fun!

    1. Thank you so much! I use my art journal as my 'thinker.' It encourages me, and reminds me the answers are there if we will just look and pray.

  4. Solomon soo ooh creative. Love the detailed description of the different techniques employed to create such an emotional art piece. Can surely learn from you. Thank you.