Friday, January 10, 2014

Adversity is Good

Hello there friends and neighbors! I'm back with another mixed media piece for you to see. Did you know there's a weekly challenge in mixed media on Splitcoast Stampers? Yep, every Friday we bring you something new to play along with.

I find this statement to be very true. In fact, my Dad struck up a conversation with our waitress today about this subject. I've done a lot of things the hard way, but I know that choosing those harder paths resulted in me being ready for the next thing in life. Dad's quote today that really stuck with me was, "When you get tired of losing, you either get better or quit. You can't get better unless you pick someone more skilled than you to go up against."

Some days, that more skilled person is me. Truth. Some days I just don't bring my 'A' game, and I struggle against myself. Some people say this is me getting in the way of myself. It's hard. It's a challenge to even realize you're in your own way. And then, it's really hard to sit yourself down and lecture. But I'll tell you a secret - it's worth it. It really is. When you reach that point of recognizing the obstacle, and you commit yourself to moving past, you soar. It's like finding your wings but realizing they were there all along.

So struggle. Do you know that baby chicks will die if you open their shell for them? Truth. They need to struggle to get the blood pumping and get their lungs working on the transition from embryo to air-breather. It's hard to watch your kids do it, too. But they have to. You can't do it for them and expect them to be prepared later. Just a little nugget. Something to think on.

Check out the challenge on Splitcoast, and struggle with it a little. Then, if you're up for a bigger challenge, join me and a bunch of 'friends' as we transform our lives using the Daniel Plan. Here's a linkie-loo for more info. Get started!

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Details: Tons of layers, acrylic paint, modeling paste, gesso, old book text, grunge paper, die cuts, Copic markers, miscellaneous colored and graphite pencils, several stencils, Dylusions sprays (love!), Distress Ink, pan pastels (double love!), gold modeling cream, a couple more stencils, a few more layers, and a drop of imagination. Thank you for visiting - please leave a comment if you need further information!

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