Sunday, June 10, 2012

Zen Living

I've been enjoying a lot of zen time with my doodles in my old mixed-media journal. The journal was last year's calendar and note space for doctors visits and other obligations. I've gone through and picked pages that didn't get much notation, erased the notes that were no longer necessary, and turned them into tangling space.

I'm really liking Linda's new string challenges over at Tangle Patterns. You should play along - you just start with her string, and fill it in with your favorite tangles. It's a blast!

I filled this one with the fantastic K-Ning pattern by Sandra Strait. She is a wonderful source of ideas so check her out on Flickr, and her Blog. As usual, this is a 3.5 inch square tile on mixed media paper with my Copic multiliner pens and Copic markers for shadowing.

Treasure Dragon pattern ©Kyra Sanders 
I have used this pattern many times, but I haven't documented it until now. I love the motion it gives to any project, and how varied you can make the 'fill' or treasure the dragon leaves contain. If you use it, let me see!

Daisy Chain pattern ©Kyra Sanders
Another tangle I created is the daisy chain. It reminds me of summers when I would sit and pick asters and daisies and patiently split each stem to weave together a chain. If you use this, link me up - I want to see how you adapt it for your work.

So this is what I've been up to lately. I have some other things I'm working on for you to see soon. I hope you have a beautiful day. Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Wow..I am loving the way you filled the string..I am doing my first one...loving it..I love the one pattern that reminds me of piano keys..gonna have to copy that one if its OK.

  2. Oops, left off that I LOVE! that Daisy Chain...Will have to do that one..I love daisies.