Monday, August 23, 2010


Hello peoples! I'm so sorry for the delay and I appreciate your patience. I had a bit of a wreck on my bicycle, and I'm a bit banged up. I went to the hospital just as a precaution, and have been on pain pills. I lost a day in there somewhere! I'm ok - just bumps and bruises, and a badly sprained ankle. I do look a sight tho, so no videos. I knew I couldn't be hurt that badly, because I landed on my face! Hahahahaha!!

I loved all the entries from this week. I'm seriously glad that I pick by drawing because there's no way I could choose based on the artwork. Each one is uniquely beautiful and you all had something of a story within a story based on your song. Touching!!

Without further ado, the random drawing goes to POE!! She wins a set of one Tim Holtz distress ink pad and a roll of paper tape from 7 Gypsies! Yeeehaw Poe!

Now for the challenge. In honor (or satire) of my accident, I want you all to make something based on a childhood memory. See, I was doing something very childlike on a bike with a very non-childlike body! We call them stupid human tricks when they happen. In combination with the memory, I would like for you to include a favorite quote to keep the memory company. That's it - childhood memory paired with a quote.

Use any materials you like, just make sure what you submit is art journal related (i.e. sized for your book). Deadline is 11:59, August 28, Central US/CA time. This week's prize will be three unmounted (foam backed) stamps and an acrylic block. Pictures soon as I can manage.

I make things lots of times on separate paper or substrate, then add it to my journal when I'm finished. You are welcome to do this too. Thanks for making me feel missed, and for sharing your wonderful artful self with me! I just realized, I've not been posting the items I've made with the prompts, so I will correct that soon.

Happy creating!! ~ky


  1. gosh, I feel so bad teasing you. Honest I thought it was a minor get better and don't fret over us

    Yeah Poe!

  2. I am so sorry ya injured yaself hun. PLEASE do me one favor? DO NOT RUSH ya healing! Please listen to the doctor. If he says it'll take 4 weeks to heal, don't think because it's feeling better in 2 that it's healed. I'd like ya back to perfect health hun. So that's a Poeder!
    Thanks for drawing my name was quite a surprise! I added all my Challenge pics to my Facebook. Just need to add them to my Flicker account when I get the chance.
    Let me know if ya need my addy or if ya have it. I think I sent it to ya not sure.
    Please get well. Big Giant Get Well, Healing Hugs, Poe

  3. happy dance for POE and take care Ky. Happy happies.

  4. Shoot, I learn just now for your accident. I hope you're really okay uh ! Take care, health is really important :)

    Congratulations Poe !!! So happy for you :-D

    Is it possible to enter with a page done during the summer ? I ask because i can't do better on the subject of childhood memory than the page I created earlier this summer (it was for the art journal challenge I launched).
    I'd understand if it's not okay, don't worry ;)

    Take care,
    Love love love

  5. Yay! Congrats Poe! Oh Ky {Big Hugs} and speedy recovery wishes! I didn't get time to play last week and missed it so much! I'm defintely going to make some time this week! Hope you're feeling better soon!

  6. so sorry to hear about your stack, lovely lady. i sure hope your hands are fine! i found your page via samantha kira (love your work, sam!) and so glad i did, because 1) you set weekly challenges to get us started, and 2) i LOVED that video you did earlier- i really felt your passion and excitement and it really helped me to see beyond this awful perfectionism i have. it's been stopping me from starting things. i've set myself a goal to have a crack at this weeks challenge, and i can't wait to share my efforts with everyone. take care of yourself, ky x p.s. i'd love to know what 'stunt' you were trying to pull! lol :)

  7. Hey I found you through Kira and her vlog followers! Hi!

    I did your challenge because i thought it sounded fun. I'm not sure what you mean by PG-13 though! :( I often slip a swear here and there so if occasional swears offend anyone don't click my link to the entry :(

  8. I hope you are feeling better, Kyra!!! Be safe :)

  9. Phew, 4 hours and some change! I got it done!

  10. Well it's up and I'm exhausted! lol I tried to work on it at work and it totally got trashed. I had to re-do it when i got home and it wasn't my best work. But I"m not gonna complain because I finished my challenge and that's a good thing! lol
    I hope ya feeling better hun.
    Hugs, Poe